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Alligator Hunts
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Alligator Hunts

The alligator hunting on Silver Lake Preserve's more than 520 square miles of well managed habitat is unparalleled. With a 100% success rate and an average length in excess of 11 feet, it's the best free range alligator hunting experience to be found in Florida. We invite you to come enjoy some old Florida scenery and an exciting gator hunt with us!

  • Feb. 1st - Dec. 15th
  • Spot and stalk
  • Precision rifle shooting
  • Heart-pounding excitement
  • Rifle rental available
  • Included are
  •   Hunting guide
      Transportation on the property
      Arrangement for taxidermist pickup
      Delivery to local processor
      Non-alcoholic refreshments

Deposit of $1,500 is required for each gator booked, if the targeted gator is not harvested, the deposit covers the cost of the Guide, Transportation and Meals.

All prices include your guide, meals and transporting your trophy to the processor.

Minimum Length Maximum Length Fee
10' 0" 10' 11" $3,000
11' 0" 11' 11" $4,500
12' 0" 12' 11" $6,500
13' 0" + $10,000

Guided alligator hunts in Florida:
Silver Lake Preserve has experienced alligator guides with the knowledge and equipment necessary to ensure that your hunt is both safe and successful. Whether you're hunting with Amy, Tyler, or Jamey, you can be sure that with their more than 50 years of combined professional guiding experience, that you will enjoy a truly memorable experience.

Alligator hunting in Florida: Conservation
Silver Lake Preserve at Lykes Ranch is home to over 330,000 acres of diverse habitat where alligators thrive. We only offer fair chase alligator hunts for large bulls over 10' in length, ensuring that females arent harvested, and that our alligator population remains healthy well into the future. Our exclusive access to some of Florida's best alligator habitat ensures low hunting pressure and allows our customers to enjoy a 100% success rate. We invite you to join our long list of happy clients.

Florida outdoor adventures:
Florida imposes strict regulations on alligator hunting to promote responsible conservation practices and preserve the delicate balance of its ecosystems. These regulations include permits, licenses, and harvest quotas designed to sustainably manage alligator populations while safeguarding their habitats. By adhering to these guidelines, hunters contribute to the long-term preservation of Florida's iconic wildlife, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the thrill of alligator hunting.

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